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 Pre-order New Magrudergrind "Crusher"+ news grindshop

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Date d'inscription : 02/02/2010

MessageSujet: Pre-order New Magrudergrind "Crusher"+ news grindshop   Dim 20 Mar - 19:05

MAGRUDERGRIND “Crusher” 10” (US) 10 euros
PRE-ORDER: Date: 28th March 2011
From fast to slow, Magrudergrind come back with new songs, incl. lyrics insert & poster. Colored black and red wax.
Guest appearances by Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Ex-Enemy Soil) and Dom Romeo (Pulling Teeth).

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us for any questions, reservations, post cost…

Paypal accepted.

Reservation: ++ (0)3 21 86 72 91

Compact Disc

BLOODY PHOENIX « Death to Everyone » CD (US) 10 euros
New Album, with members of Excruciating Terror, Crust-Grind.

COFFINS “Ancient Torture” Double Digipack (Jap) 25 euros
A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks, together on a deluxe double disc 8-panel digipak. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick.

ETERNAL SUFFERING “Recollections of Tragedy & Misery” Digipack (US) 10 euros
Debut Full Length CD "Drowning In Tragedy" from 1999 and the incredible "Remain Forever In Misery" MCD 1997. Moshing Groovy Brutal Death!!!

HEADROT “Gulping the Remains” Digipack (US) 10 euros
Complete Discography, Old Cult Death Metal for fans of ROTTREVORE, NUCLEAR DEATH… Super designed with cover art of Mark Riddick.

JOE PESCI / ONANIZER Split CD (Uk / Cz) 10 euros
36 Tracks of Pure Ultra Screamo Grind Power Noise from 4 different sessions / Grindcore Terror, Intense!!!

MOHO “20 Unas” CD (Spa) 10 euros
Sludge Doom, Album from 2003 with members of Looking for an Answer.

NEGATIVE REACTION “Tales from the Insomniac” CD (US) 10 euros
Sludgecore, like Eyehategod and the riff worship of Sleep…!

NEGATIVE REACTION “Endofyorerror” CD (US) 10 euros
Classic Masterpiece of Sludge from 1996.

UNLEARNED “Pestilence from the West” CD (Ger) 10 euros
Grinding Power Crust Violence with Mindflair members.

WASTEFORM “Designed by Disgust” CD (US) 10 euros
after 5 years of silence, Ny's Wasteform unleashed their long awaited 3rd Full Length album! Crushing Heavy As Fuck Brutal Death Metal.

YACOPSAE « Tanz, Grosny, Tanz… » CD (Ger) 10 euros
Back in stock, Stop and Go Power Grinding Violence, A Must!

12” LP & 10”

AGUIRRE / BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS Split Gatefold LP+CD (Fra/Ger) 15 euros
Epic Doom Sludge / Melodic Sludge Darkness, comes with download code.

BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS s/t” (Ger) Double Gatefold LP + DVD 25 euros
Excellent mixture of Doom, Sludge and Drone… with 90’s Death Athmosphere for the power, Class Deluxe Masterpiece. With members of Wojczech, Who’s my Savious. Comes with a free download code.

BIZARRE X / TRIGGER Split Gatefold 10” (Ger/Ger) 10 euros
Old Schhol Power Violence and Fast Hardcore Youthcrew!! For fans of Spazz , Insect Warfare etc…

CANNABIS CORPSE “Tube of the Resinated” LP (US) 12 euros
Weed and Cannibal Corspe inspired Brutal Death! With Municipal Waste Member, Colored Vinyl + Poster!

CHIENS “s/t” LP (Fra) 10 euros
1 sided first album ! Great Grinding and Fast Violence. With Ex-Blockheads member.

EXCRUCIATING TERROR “Expression of Pain” LP (US) 12 euros
First time on vinyl, a Classic Masterpiece of Grindcore, A Must!

FAXE “The Hangover” LP (Fra) 10 euros
Powerful Grinding Crustcore from Paris.

MAGRUDERGRIND “Crusher” 10” (US) 10 euros
PRE-ORDER: Date: 28th March 2011
From fast to slow, Magrudergrind come back with new songs, incl. lyrics insert & poster. Colored black and red wax. Guest appearances by Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Ex-Enemy Soil) and Dom Romeo (Pulling Teeth).

TORCHE “In Return” 10” Gatefold + CD (US) 15 euros
Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition; seven-songs, 20-minute EP pushes TORCHE’s musical extremes even further as the "poppy" songs are far more catchy.

EP – 7”

AGATHOCLES “Bombing the shelters of Delémont” EP (Bel) 4 euros
Live recordings in Switzerland, Limited to 350 copies.

ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “This Album belongs to:” EP (Ger) 5 euros
Fantastic Grindcore Tornado!! Deluxe awesome Folder.

Grindcore Fury / Hardcore like His Hero His Gone.

Catchy Grinding Hardcore Violence / Old School Grindcore with ex-members of Kent Brockman.

LYCANTHROPHY / GRIDE Split EP (Cz/Cz) 4 euros
Both bands play Grinding Intensity core and fast catchy style.

P.L.F. / CYNESS Split EP (US / Ger) 4 euros
New Tracks, Pure Pissed-off Grindcore / Melodic Grind Hardcore.

New songs and Nasum’s cover, Gore Grind / Groovy Death Grind.

Power Violence / Crust Attack.

T-Shirt / Merchandise

HATRED SURGE TS (European XL or U.S. L / Medium)
Front: Cover design from the cd collection. 1 side. 10 Euros
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Pre-order New Magrudergrind "Crusher"+ news grindshop
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