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 News Grindshop : Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Phobia

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Date d'inscription : 02/02/2010

News Grindshop : Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Phobia Empty
MessageSujet: News Grindshop : Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Phobia   News Grindshop : Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Phobia I_icon_minitimeMar 9 Nov - 9:32

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.
Reservation: ++ (0)3 21 86 72 91

Compact Disc

CD ARCHAGATHUS “Mincecore Fever” 7” Anthology 2005-2010, Mince Grindcore (Can) 10 euros

CD ASTERISK “Dogma” Pure Grindcore madness, tortured and brutal. Discography 40 songs (Swe) 10 euros

CD AWAITING THE AUTOPSY “Couldn’t tell the bodies apart” Moshing Slamming Brutal Death (Nl) 10 euros

CD BLOODY PHOENIX “War, Hate & Misery” Grinding Crust with member of Excruciating Terror! (US) 10 euros

CD BONGZILLA “Nuggets” All vinyl 7” , split etc… sludge collection! 15 songs. (US)
10 euros

CD BRUTAL TRUTH “Extreme conditions demand extreme responses” Classic Album from 1992. (US) 10 euros

CD CEPHALIC IMPURITY “Unique brute revival” Guttural Brutal Death. (Rus) 10 euros

CD CEPHALOTRIPSY “Uterovaginal insertion of extirpated anomalies” One of the best Guttural voice and Slamming riff, for fans of Devourment! (US) 10 euros

CD DESTRUKTOR “Nailed” New album, Fast dark riffing Black metal with Thrashy touch!! Awesome designed cover! (Aussie) 10 euros

CD DISFIGURED DEAD “Visions of Death” Ultra Old School Death in the vein of …DEATH!!! (US) 10 euros

CD DISHAMMER “Vintage Addiction” back in stock, Crust Death Old School with member of Looking for an Answer! (Spa) 10 euros

Split CD FLESH GRINDER / LIVIDITY live recordings, Gory grind and Brutal Death. (Bra/US) 10 euros

CD GOREVENT “Worship Paganism” Ultra Guttural Deep voice and Pure Slamming Brutal Death. (Jap) 10 euros

CD GORTUARY “Awakening pestilent beings” Guttural voice, superfast and midtemp parts. (US) 10 euros

CD GUTTURAL DECAY “Epoch of extermination” Moshing Groovy Death Grind. (RUS) 10 euros

Split CD GADGET / PHOBIA New Tracks from both bands, The cd version!! Ltd! (Swe/US) 10 euros

CD HE’S NO GOOD TO ME DEAD Sludge 5 Way Split with Nefative Reaction, Grief, Subsanity, Bongzilla, Sourvein. 10 euros

CD HIDEOUS DEFORMITY “Defoulment of Human Purity” Ultra fast obscure Death Metal. (Nor) 10 euros

CD HUMAN PARASITE “Proud to build the insidious catastrophe” Ultra Brutal Death with Slamming parts! (Fra) 10 euros

Split CD HYMEN HOLOCAUST / BLOOD BASTARD New Gory Brutal Death Grind songs from both bands (Nl) 10 euros

CD IN-DISGUST “San Jose Oldies Vol.1” Demo 2006, 10” and split 7”more than 25 songs!! Grindcore in your disgusting face. (US) 10 euros

CD INSIDIOUS TORTURE “Lust and Decay” Ultra Brutal Death without compromises & killer moshing mid-tempo parts. (Aussie) 10 euros

CD INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX “Illegal aliens” Growling deep voice and Blasting Brutal Death! (US) 10 euros

CD KATALEPSY “Musick brings injuries” Brutal Death with growling voice and moshing!! (Rus) 10 euros

CD LORD FUCK “Exquisite Gutteral” Brutal Death Grind in the Pure violent vein!! (US) 10 euros

CD NUNSLAUGHTER (black album) Crazy 100% black on shiny black designed, New Album, Old School as fuck!! (US) 10 euros

CD OUTCAST “Mass Murder Fantasies” Groovy Moshing Brutal Death. (Bel) 10 euros

CD SKITSYSTEM “Allt e skit” 7” discography, one of the best Crust core band from
Sweden. 10 euros

Split 3”MCD SLOTH / NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM Gore Grind Limited to 300 copies, hand numbered. (US/Ukr) 5 euros

CD Digipack SUFFERING MIND “At War with mankind” Back in stock, Female vocal , Pure Grindcore!! (Pol) 10 euros

100% gore grind and ultra fast!! (Jap/Mex) 10 euros

CD VULVECTOMY “Putrescent clitoral fermentation” Guttural Brutal Slamming Death Metal. (Ita) 10 euros

Split CD WORMROT / LABHOR Grind grind grind!!! 100% new tracks from both bands!! (Sing) 10 euros

12” LP & 10”

Gatefold LP CEPHALOTRIPSY “Uterovaginal insertion of extirpated anomalies” One of the best Guttural voice and Slamming riff, for fans of Devourment! Ltd Ed. (US) 10 euros

LP COCK BUST “Lines in the Sand” Feat. members of Magrudergrind, Sick Fix, Ultra fast Hardcore in the vein of INFEST!! A Must!! (US) 10 euros

LP COFFINS “Sacrifice to the Evil Spirit” Limited to 500 copies, hand numbered, repress songs, re-recorded songs, and tracks from live, reh etc… (Jap) 10 euros

Picture LP DEVOURMENT “Unleash the Carnivore” Edition Limited to 1000 copies, Hand Numbered. (US) 10 euros

LP HATRED SURGE “Deconstruct” Grindcore fury with female on vocal!! Super violent Grindcore!! (US) 10 euros

Split LP IN-DISGUST / P.L.F. The vinyl version!!! New tracks from both bands! A Must of Pure Grindcore !! (US/US) 10 euros

LP LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Goresurrection” Limited to 300 copies, Hand Numbered, Split singles collection from 1994 to 2001!! Best GORE ever!!!! (Nl) 10 euros

LP PLAY FAST OR DON’T Compilation, Brown Vinyl with Lycanthrophy, Lahar, Saywhy?, Needful Things etc… 10 euros

LP WOJCZECH “Pulsus Letalis” New Album, Fast Grinding Crust with Massive Hardcore fury influences!! (Ger) 10 euros

Split LP XXXMANIAK / COFFINS Serial Grind Porn Maniak killer versus Doom Death Damnation! Ltd Edition (US/Jap) 10 euros

EP – 7”

Split EP HATRED SURGE / INSECT WARFARE Back in stock! A Must of Grindcore! (US/US) 4 euros

Split EP KILL THE CLIENT / THOUSANDWILLDIE Swedish grind versus American Hardcoregrind. 4 euros

EP MINDLESS “Human Conditioning” Feat. Member of Hatred Surge, mix of power violence & ultra fast hardcore. (US) 4 euros

Split EP PHOBIA / SKRUPEL Back in stock, Grind & Fast Hardcore!! (US/Ger) 4 euros

Split EP Su19b / DREADEYE New Track from both bands, Screaming Sludge / Grind and Mid-tempo GrindHardcore (Jp/Jp) 4 euros

Split EP SUFFERING MIND / WOJTYLA Grindcore / Grinding Crust both from Poland. 4 euros

EP UNHOLY GRAVE “Grindholic” Raw Rehearsal 2008!! 8 Songs. (Jap) 4 euros

EP WEAK MINDS “s/t” Power violence Grind with member of Insect Warfare. (US) 4 euros

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News Grindshop : Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Phobia
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