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 News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP.

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Date d'inscription : 02/02/2010

News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP. Empty
MessageSujet: News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP.   News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP. I_icon_minitimeLun 26 Avr - 4:43

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.


CD AGATHOCLES “Peel Sessions 1997” everything is in the title, 15 Razor Grind tracks!! (Bel) 10 euros

CD BIRDFLESH “The Farmer’s Wrath” Killer Grind Fun in your redneck face! Back in Stock. (Swe) 10 euros

CD BLOOD I BLEED “Gods out of Monsters” Back in stock!! Pure Grindcore New Album! (Nl)

Split CD BLOOD I BLEED / MASSGRAV New Songs, 100% Brutality Grindcore from Both bands!! a Killer Split!! (Nl/Swe) 10 euros

CD CAPTAIN CLEANOFF “Symphonies of Slackness” Old school Fast Intense Grindcore!! New Album, Back in Stock. (Aussie) 10 euros

CD CHAINSAW TO THE FACE “Agonizing pain an perpetual Misery 2004 – 2009”
64 Tracks of Pure Grinding Powerviolence!! (US) 10 euros

CD DEAD FOR DAYS “Disassociated from Reality” Excellent Brutal Death for fans of Misery Index and Dying Fetus!!! (US) 10 euros

CD DISMEMBERED FETUS “Generation of hate” Brutal Death Grind without any pity!! (US) 10 euros

CD FUCK ON THE BEACH “Endless Summer” Japcore Powerviolence, 2nd Album, Don’t miss! (Jap) 10 euros

Digipack GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT “The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh”
Limited Edition + Bonus Live Tracks and Multimedia Video, Brutal Death. (US) 10 euros

Split CD HAEMORRHAGE / DEAD Cult & Gore Sick Legend bands on split CD, back in Stock, A Must! (pa/Ger) 10 euros

CD IMPETIGO “Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust” 22 Gore Grind Tracks live from 2007 in USA. A Pure Piece of Old School Splattering Gore !! (US) 10 euros

CD HYMEN HOLOCAUST “Hot Love” New album!! Killer Mid tempo & Fast Death Grind! If you love Mortician, it’s for you!!!! (Nl) 10 euros

CD JINN “s/t” Massive mid-tempo and fast Post hardcore (UK) 10 euros

Split 3“MCD LIVIDITY / NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM Ltd. to 300 Copies, Hand Numbered, Brutal Death & Gore Grind!! (US/ Ukr) 6 euros

CD LIVIDITY “’Til only the sick remain” Back in Stock!! Brutal Death (US) 10 euros

CD LIVIDITY “Live Fornication” Live in USA and Germany during 2007. (US) 10 euros

Digipack NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM “Rest’n’Piss” Mid-Tempo Gore Grind, Ltd. To 300 Copies, Hand Numbered. (Ukr) 10 euros

MCD NEUROPATHIA “13” Their lastest new efforts, Rock’n’Roll Grind!! (Pol) 7 euros

CD PSYCHO “The Grind Years” 52 tracks!!! All the discography (split 7”, compil, EP etc…) + Bonus Video Tracks!! A Great idea for a Legendary band! (US) 10 euros

CD PYRAMIDO “Sand” Massive Sludge with Screaming Hateful voice!! (Swe) 10 euros

Digipack SATAN’S REVENGE ON MANKIND “Supreme Malicious Necro Terror”
Groovy Gore Grind!! For fans of Gut & Rompeprop, (Ger) 10 euros

CD SPASM “Paraphilic Elegies” Splattering Gore Grind, for fans of Gut! (Cz) 10 euros

CD SQUASH BOWELS “Grind Virus” New Album, Back in Stock. (Pol) 10 euros

Digipack UNHOLY GRAVE “Grind Killers” New Album + Bonus Tracks remastered from 2007 studio recordings, A Must!! (Jap)

Sludge , Dark Ambiant Noise… Ultime Split!! (100% Spain) 10 euros

CD YACOPSAE “Tanz, Grosny, Tanz…” Turbo Stop & Go powerviolence!!! (Ger) 10 euros

EP Split 7 inch

Split 7” AGATHOCLES / INSOMNIA ISTERICA Mince Core Versus Grinding Punk (Bel/Ch) 4 euros

Gory Grind / Dirty Death Rock , Ltd to 500 copies, Hand Numbered. (Spa/US) 4 euros

100% Gore Grind!! No Compromise!!! Ltd to 500 copies, Hand Numbered. (Spa/Ita) 4 euros

Split 7” SPLATTER WHORE / BOWEL STEW Gore Grind! Back in Stock!!! (US/Ita)
4 euros


LP MOSS “Eternal Return” Ultra Limited Edition, one sided 12”, Dark Doom (Uk) 12 euros

News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP. Magrudergrindeuropeanto
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News Grindshop : Lividity, Yacopsae, Moss… CD, EP, LP.
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