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 Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot ...

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Date d'inscription : 02/02/2010

Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot ... Empty
MessageSujet: Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot ...   Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot ... I_icon_minitimeDim 27 Nov - 17:27

Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot Moss ...

shop on line: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com

Compact Disc

CD ABRAXAS “Damnation” (US) 10 Euros
Brutal Death Masterpiece!!! With ex-members of Vile, Pyrexia, Monstrosity etc…

CD ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE “Human Hunting Season” (US) 10 Euros
Ultra Brutal Death Grind. Back in stock!!!

CD ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “Systematic Death Slaughter” (Ger) 10 Euros
New Album, Pure Raging Grindcore, 26 Tracks of fast madness!!

CD BASTARD NOISE “Skulldozer” (US) 10 Euros
Massive Intensity, Screamo , Noise and Grind wall in your face!! Pure crush!! New Album.

CD BLOOD DUSTER “Cunt” (Australia) 10 Euros
One of their best album, straight to the point!! Brutal, Groovy and Grind!!!

CD BLOODSOAKED “Brutally Butchered” (US) 10 Euros
First album 2007, back in stock!! Old School Brutality!!!

CD CLITEATER “Eat Clit or Die” (Nl) 10 Euros
Death Grind devastation from Nederland! With members of Inhume, Bile etc…

CD DEVILYN “XI” (Pol) 5 Euros
Ultra Technical Brutal Death for fans of Krisiun, Morbid Angel etc…

CD DYSENTERY “From past suffering comes new flesh” (US) 10 Euros
Pure Brutal Death Assault of Slamming and inhuman brutality!

CD EVISCERATED “s/t” (US) 10 Euros
Californian Brutal Death, for fans of Gorgasm and Origin

CD EXTORTION “Degenerate” (Australia) 10 Euros
Fastcore Powerviolence!!! A Must have!!

CD FUCK ON THE BEACH “Endless Summer” (Jp) 10 Euros
Japcore Powerviolence!!! Destroy your ears now!!!

CD HOUWITSER “Bestial Atrocity” (Nl) 10 Euros
New Album, Pure Dutch Brutal Death Violence!! Riffing intensity!!

CD INFERNAL REVULSION “An Epic Conviction”(Jp) 10 Euros
New Album, Pure Slamming, Groovy and Brutality!! Brutal Death!!!

CD INSECT WARFARE “World Extermination” (US) 10 Euros
Grindcore Classic!! Pure Grind Violence!!

CD INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY “Decadent orgy of atrocious suffering” (US) 10 Euros
Ultra Brutal Tech. Death Metal, featuring the master Shawn Whitaker (Viral Load, Gortesque Formation, Uncleansed, etc..)

CD INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY “The Inerrancy of Profanation” (US) 10 euros
Comes with a Sleeve, classy designed + enchanced CD-Rom bonus Tracks, Ultra Brutal Death.

CD LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Split the suffering, split the pain” (Spa) 10 Euros
Split Vinyls tracks + Unreleased stuff, Grindcore!!!! 34 songs!!

CD MALODOROUS “Amaranthine Redolence” (US) 10 Euros
Sick Death Metal from New York, Brutal and Slamming, for the fans of Mortician and Putrid Pile…!

CD MARUTA “In Narcosis” (US) 10 Euros
And grind your head in they will with In Narcosis, their debut full-length.

CD MARUTA “Forward into Regression” (US) 10 Euros
Taking grindcore to the next level, surgically precise riffs, relentless speed, and volatile dissonance. New Album.

CD NARCOSIS “1998-2007 “Best served cold” (Uk) 10 Euros
Complete discography compilation: 51 songs! The album cover was designed by Chris Catterall. Chris also provided the linear notes.

CDEP OUTLAW ORDER “Legalize Crime” (US) 6 Euros
Sludge project band with members of Eyehategod. + 1 bonus track live.

CD PHOBIA “Loud, Proud and Grind as fuck!” (US) 10 Euros
Awesome live recordings, Extremely well recorded!! Pure Violence! A Must!

Split CD PYRAMIDO / GUN MOB (Ger/Swe) 10 Euros
Gun Mob (german crustcore / d-beat) and Pyramido (swedish sludgecore)

CD REST IN GORE “Culinary Buffet of hacked innards” (Jp) 10 Euros
Ultra Brutal Guttural Slamming Death Metal.

Split CD SWARRRM / MORTALIZED (100% Jp) 10 Euros
Chaos and Grind Versus Pure Blasting Violence.

CD TRUCULENCY “Eviscerate the Paraplegic” (US) 10 Euros
Chicago’s Death Metal, Devastating Blast Beats, Technical Brutal madness, for fans of Deeds of Flesh, Spawn of Possession & Origin.

CD VIRAL LOAD “Brutalized Beyond Belief” (US) 10 Euros
Classic Brutal Death Album from Texas!!!

CD VIRAL LOAD “Back woods Bludgeoning” (US) 10 Euros
New Level of Sickness from Texas, Ultra sick and Brutal Death!!

CD WORMROT “Dirge” (Sing) 10 Euros
New Album, New piece of Grindcore Fury!!! + Bonus DVD.

12” LP & 10”

LP ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “Systematic Death Slaughter” (Ger) 12 Euros
New Album, Pure Raging Grindcore, 26 Tracks of fast madness!!

LP BUZZOVEN “Violence from the vault” (US) 12 Euros
First recordings to follow the bands venerable Sore album (1994), Slow violence process…!

LP KILL THE CLIENT “Set for Extinction” (US) 12 Euros
New Album, 19 Tracks, Grindcore with a Swedish touch, Pure Blasting Violence!!

Sludgy Mid-temp Death / well played and extremely heavy powerviolence.

LP MOSS “Eternal Return” (Uk) 12 Euros
Ultra Doom Metal. Limited Edition.

LP NEEDFUL THINGS “Tentacles of Influence” (Cz) 10 Euros
Grey Vinyl, New Album, Furious grindcore tracks with a new drummer in well-proven Hell Sound studio.

EP – 7”

EP WHOLE IN THE HEAD “Them and us” (Uk) 4 Euros
Fast Anarcho Grind, Screams and Blasts in your face!!

T-Shirt / Merchandise

TS MARUTA « Head/Machine » (US) 8 Euros
Black Shirt, 1 side printed, Size : S/M/L/XL/XXL

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Shop on line updated, new list: Houwitser Phobia Wormrot ...
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